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Rick Perkins cycling website ...

This site has no real point other than to serve for entertainment and reference. If you spot any errors or have any questions contact me.

Select your area of interest through one of the below graphics ... it is a general dumping area now ...

This site was put up to help my sponsorship activities for Action Medical Research when I participated in the LEJOG ride in 2011 (it was formally www.lejog4amr.co.uk). Thanks for those who sponsored me; I raised just over £4000 for Action Medical Research.

Since then this page has become a general dumping ground of what I hope are useful references to others. This site is not for profit it just is a record and reference of stuff cycling related. It is rough as it is hashed together over time ...

I have created sections about my Pinarello Montello Restoration project, a 2012 tour from Nice to Geneva, 2013 Raid Pyrénéen , 2014 Giro delle Dolomiti (Treviso - Geneva) and sections on the Campagnolo 50th Anniversary Groupset and some rather nice diecast Tour de France Models I have acquired. Old Omegas watches are here ... 1964 Moulton Standard Restoration >>>

Report and Review : Canyon Endurace CF SLX Disc 8.0 Di2

180 >>


Tasar stuff >>>

2011 Lands End to John O'Groats


2012 Nice to Geneva


2013 Raid Pyreneen


2014 Giro delle Dolomiti (Treviso - Geneva)

2015 Tour of Grand Cols (Samoens - Vinzier (Loop ride))

2016 Genoa - Roma.

Vintage Pinarello Montello Restoration

Campagnolo 50th Anniversary Groupset

1/43rd Diecast Tour de France Cyclists


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