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1/43rd Diecast Tour de France Cyclists

I came across these for sale from a chap who was dismantling his exhibition based on the 1973 Tour. I wish I had brought the whole thing to keep it together but I suspect that would have been very expensive ...

These are 1/43rd scale diecast cyclists made in France in the 60s and 70s and depict the famous Tour teams and riders from the late 60s to the late 70s. The graphic on the right shows which teams rode from 1964 to 1979. Click on it for a larger version in a new window.

I started of by buying 5 via eBay and then got a bit carried away and bought a few more; to me they are a great record of the various jersey designs.

Below are some images of the riders I have bought; below that are some images of the original exhibition done by Chris Bayless who took those photos. The display takes a bit of license as required to make the riders and vehicles period correct but I think you will agree he did an excellent job of his exhibit.

These were made by Editions Atlas S.A.S. 1186 rue de Cocherel, F-27091 Cedex 9, France who I believe also trade as NoRev or have sold the rights/dies to NoRev?? I'm not sure ...

Note: I initially mounted these on oak bases (see bottom photos) ... I didn't really like that so I remounted them on natural slate; I think it looks far better ... oh, and I weakened and bought a few more of Chris ...

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Below are some great shots of the real riders (credit to the original photographers - most have been lifted off various Facebook & Forum posts where the original photographer records have long since passed into the ether ... any credits you are aware of I'd happily add ...)

Jacques Anquetil; Eddy Merckx and Felice Gimondi.


Jacques Anquetil


Here are the shots of the original display.