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Campagnolo 50th Anniversary Pantographed Stem - 3TTT Criterium

These stems are rare ... and can fetch quite a bit one Bay.

Despite my research it is hard to establish who was the craftsmen behind these pantographed parts.

There is much speculation about which ones are original and which have been produced later. One thing is for sure pretty much all the traditional pantographing machines that produced these items in the 70s and 80s are now in the scrap yard and have been replaced with CNC digital machines.

My thoughts are that a few people were doing these pantographes on a range of stems and their work can be read almost like a signature as they were of course running these pantograph machines of a wooden master of the design so the size and shape of the engravings give an indication.

My suspicion that the markings on the top are the best indication of a genuine 80s item.

I have seen versions of this design on Cinelli 1A, Cinelli 1R, 3TTT Criterium and 3TTT Mod.1 Record Strada (or models 2 & 3) these have been of various standards and you have to have a good look at the engravings.

I have also seen these engravings done on a Cinelli XA and 3TTT Record / Status These stems are later and I believe any 50th stems that are on these bases are recent engravings. Anything listed as NOS I suspect was done with CNC tooling. That is not to say they are not nice work; just that they are recent works.

Bottom line is have a look and take a view ...