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Steve Pontin - Finsbury Park CC

I purchased the bike from the late Steve Pontin's nephew.

Via a forum I have been told the below about Steve, I would have loved to have met him.

Steve was a hugely imposing figure in the Finsbury Park CC for many years and also across the N London District. Famous (or infamous) for his attention to detail.

He was chairman of the District Committee and they still talk about meetings long into the night because he insisted on perfection and doing everything by the book. He never raced after a few early attempts but devoted all his time to organising and club life.

He was a recipient of the RTTC badge of honour for his years of work.

The club currently awards a Pontin Trophy for the year's best non-competitive ride.

Steve joined the Park on 8 May 1929. He raced for only one year, 1931, riding 25, 50, 100 & 12hr.

Steve liked the social riding, touring etc of club life more than racing. He was called up for War service towards the end of WW2, and left with the rank of Major.

As well as a Timekeeper for over 40 years, he was also a course measurer. He was on many committees:- RRA, N&WHCRRA, London North RTTC, National RTTC, NMHCA.

He was a founder member of the Pedal Club in May 1941, and their President in 1955 & 1962 (see Pedal Club website), FPCC gazette editor during the war, until he was called up.

He was good at organisation. A Chartered Secretary , he worked for many years for the Coal Board, going 'around the world looking for coal'.

His Easter tours were 'famous' among the club members, and many would go on them year after year. He also organised holidays abroad.