Perkins Properties: 85 Tankerton Road (Shop, Flat A & B) and 28a Harbour Street


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Issue with door locks to entry door


30/7/13 Iryna


Your tenant of 85b Tankerton Road has asked for permission to change the tiles in the bathroom as current one looks very loose.
He has provided me with an quote of £34,50 for the tiles and happy to lay the tiles by himself.

Could you advise me please if you are happy for Mr Griffith to replace the tiles in the bathroom?


28/05/2013 by Iryna



10/6/13 by Olivia


Hot water unit under sink is leaking again. An electrician had visited and replaced a wire that was required and sealed the plastic covering to prevent the condensation, which did work. However the problem seems to have reoccured so we have instructed a plumber to have a look. As soon we will know more about this, we will advise you further.

I can confirm that John Barrett attended the property to look at the water heater located under the sink and has rectified the problem. He advised that there was a very small leak to the top of the unit located under the water proof cover which was tricky to locate. I have spoken to the tenants and they have confirmed that the leak appears to have stopped and all is drying out well

85 Shop



Update from OP: I have invoiced your tenants for £287.72. As soon as we have received payment I shall be in touch to advise.

22/5/13 Your tenants of 85 Tankerton Road have advised that they will be making the payment of £287.72 for the insurance to us on Saturday.

11/6/13 paid :-)




Water tank to be replaced by John the plumber

13/5/13 Last Update from Olivia:
Ok Rick- I shall instruct John to proceed with the new installation.

21/5/13 from Olivia
I can confirm that the new water tank was installed at 85b Tankerton Road on Friday 17th May and left in working order. I am awaiting the invoice from John Barrett.

85A & B



issue with the door lock to the communial door pointed out by Olivia

10/6/13 John Bailey has been instructed to re fix the yale lock securely back onto the communal door as it is loose, the key mechanism is working ok just needs re securing. As soon as John has been I shall advise.

17/6/13 Reported fixed by Olivia




rent in arrears due to the odd amounts collected. £55 still due.

21/5/13 from Olivia
I have also requested payment from the tenant of £55 for the shortfall of rent which occurred at the start of the tenancy in April 2012.

10/6/13 from Olivia:
I shall re send a demand to the tenant of 85b Tankerton Road for the £55 overdue and shall try to contact him by phone tomorrow (weekend’s tend to be better, due to long working hours in the week.)

26/7/13 - paid


Feb 2013



10/04/13 - Drains have been cleared and letter sent to all properties that share the drain.

Awaiting drawings of drains that resulted from the survey.

10/6/13 Olivia : I have chased Roy Greatrix (the ground worker) via email re: drain report with his findings etc and am awaiting his response.

2/8/13 RP spoke to CH and photos & drawings are on file. Any future issues Southern Water will be called in.