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Ride Data (Garmin GPS files for LEJOG)

Here is a summary of my ride data; click the table for the Excel Sheet or here is a pdf

Here is my Garmin Data:

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6 part 1

Day 6 part 2 then battery run out :-(

Day 7 missed the start as I forgot to push the button; doh!

Day 7 final section before battery gave up

Day 8

Day 9

Note that I had problems with my Garmin 705 on Days 6 & 7 as I don't think I properly charged my unit overnight; these were the days I was having problems with diarrhoea so I guess I was busy trying to recharge myself!! here are the ride files of Jonathan who I rode with for complete files.

Day 6 also here is the TCX file

Day 7 also here is the TCX file

I have added the TCX files just incase one day Jonathan makes his Garmin data private and the links stop working.